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Easily capture ANY media playing on your computer and play back when YOU want ... Internet Radio stations, podcasts, MP3's, Videos all can be easily recorded at a touch of a button. Click here to start building your audio/video library
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Make sure your computer hardware is set up for audio and you have a solid Internet connection. You must have a sound card and speakers. The better your computer and Internet connection are, the better your audio experience will be.

Install Real and/or Windows Player

You must have the free Real Player installed to listen to Real Audio stations and/or the free Windows Media Player installed to listen to Windows stations. These players often come pre-installed on computers and newer versions of these players will play both Real and Windows stations.

If you have the Real Player installed, it will appear right after this paragraph. If you don't, please bookmark this site and download the free software here from Real Networks. On this new page click where it says, “Basic RealPlayer features: Download RealPlayer - Free” about two-thirds down the page.

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