Attract More Customers with
Amazing Internet Radio Content

Do you want to improve your Web content options in order to increase customer satisfaction, duration of visit and revenue? Internet radio is a rapidly growing sector both in terms of audience acceptance and revenue potential.

RadioTower already has an extensive database that provides quick access to Internet radio feeds and information and helps visitors find what they are looking for with station descriptions and ratings.

Licensing the RadioTower Database will allow you to quickly enter the Internet radio market with a proven successful Partner.

With our experience and technology adapting the RadioTower database for your use will be easy and worry free.

Through this strategy you will:

Get to market fast

Implementing a turn-key solution allows you to quickly start building your audience and revenue

Deliver an excellent user experience

You will have content that will encourage use, increase duration of site visit, and grow your user base

Build your brand

You can modify the data and brand & market it however best suits your requirements

Minimize implementation and overhead costs

You need not spend considerable time and effort in researching and maintaining the information

Be able to offer tons of new, fresh content

RadioTower will continue to improve and expand the database to keep the content up-to-date and comprehensive

Adapt the technology to fit your needs

You can add features beyond what RadioTower delivers - We are open to a non-restrictive licensing model

A licensing model offers you an excellent first step with a committed joint venture partner.

We have many ideas to improve the Internet radio experience - We will continue to develop and deliver better products and services and offer them to you and your audience on an ongoing basis.

I look forward to further discussing how we can help you achieve your Internet radio goals!


Licensing of Database

A version of the RadioTower Database delivered for your use

(Same Database as
  • Station Name
  • Location
  • URL
  • Media URL
  • Category
  • Description
  • Media Type (format and bandwidth)
  • Editorial Rating

Checked for reliability and Updated Monthly

Delivered as comma delimited list (other common formats available) once per month

Flat-Fee Monthly Subscription (One Year minimum)

General Terms and Conditions

By licensing data from RadioTower you get a non-exclusive usage right for the time limits set in the agreement for your company.

Re-selling or distribution of the licensed information is not allowed unless explicitly provided for in the agreement.

All data supplied is the Property of RadioTower.

Upon cancellation all data supplied and any and all copies of that data must be deleted.

Company History has been online since 1996 and is owned and operated by the original founders, Paul & Henry Valkama.

Product Description

RadioTower is a free online directory to radio stations that broadcast on the Internet. The site makes it easy to find and listen to over 1,200 stations from 80 countries worldwide.

These stations broadcast everything from rock to talk to polka. Most stations broadcast 24/7 and all stations can be listened to from our site using Windows Media Player and/or Real Player.

The site is searchable by name, country or category (genre). We also offer site descriptions and editor ratings.

Time Magazine - May 13, 2002 - Your Technology Section "Getting Static on Internet Radio" by Roy B. White "You have to find the music... head for one of the big webcast directories. My favourites:"

Contact me by email and we'll set up a time to talk (or email any questions you might have).

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Henry Valkama

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