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To add or update your free station listing on RadioTower and expose your station to hundreds of thousands of new listeners, please follow our simple guidelines and complete the form below.

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1) Currently we only list stations that audio stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We do not list individual shows. Station audio links must work in our RadioTower Pop-Up Player. Audio files ending with ram, ra, rm, asx, wax, pls m3u usually work. Audio files starting with mms, Live365 stations and links for other proprietary/internal players usually will not.

2) Please fill out the Add form as completely as possible. The more information you provide the better your listing will appear to your audience. Submissions may take up to one month to be added so please be patient.

3) If you want to Change your station listing, please email with Subject = Change Station. Include your Station Name exactly as it appears in your current listing and provide only the relevant change details.

4) If you want to Suggest one of your favourite stations please fill out the Add form with as much information as you can and write “station suggestion” in description box.

Station Name: Enter your station name exactly as you want it to appear in your listing (no ALL CAPS please).
Category: Please select most appropriate category from menu. Include additional category information in Description if need be.
City: Please enter City if applicable.
Location: Select Country or Internet Only as applicable from menu. For US and
Canada locations please select State or Province
Site URL: Provide home page URL or other relevant page URL that you would like your listing to link to.
Language: Please select language that your station broadcasts in.
Email: Must provide contact email address
Audio Link: You must provide an audio link (see #1 above). If you have multiple audio links please include them in the spaces provided.
Stream Rate: Please select audio stream rate such as 16k mono or 128k stereo.
If you have multiple audio links please include the stream rate for each one in the spaces provided.
Description: In 50 words or less provide a description that best describes your station and targets your audience. What makes you unique? What’s your tag line? Who are your listeners? What types of music do you play? Make your station stand out from the crowd.

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